Mittwoch, 29. Januar 2014

Share Not Own - Textbooks

The Sharing Economy, enabled by smartphones and web 2.0 is a new phenomenon - and it is on the rise. Car2Go, DriveNow and StadtRad are easy and flexible ways to get around town here in Hamburg, but I also love Velib in Paris, CitiBike in London and CapitalBikeShare in Washington, DC. Tuxedos, ball gowns, Prada handbags are for rent these days, AirBnB works with sharing as well as Mitfahrzentrale does.
 The next big thing might come from a Bucerius alumna: Marieke Otto started CampusRitter, a new venture sharing / renting textbooks. Students rent instead of buy textbooks with a discount of up to 50 %, returning them after the term or exam. Given the limited number of a respective textbook (and its newest edition...) in any unversity library compared to the high, but timely limited demand, CampusRitter might become the "White Knight" to solve a student's most urgent problem by even saving her money.

A proof of concept might be the fact that in the US successfully runs this business. With "chegg" being derived from the dilemma "chicken" or "egg" which of one was first, Marieke and her colleagues decided not to wait for a solution but create a hero: The Knight of the Campus!

And if you like to share, too: share with me the stories of more and more Bucerius alumni becoming entrepreneuers and starting their own companies.

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks it is kind of strange to have startup kids distribute and redistribute textbooks for rent when the scarcity of textbooks is completely artificial, created and maintained by ever strengthened copyright laws? To make my point even more clear: looking at the printing costs, every student could own the textbook! The only value added by the startup is the paper saved by having fewer copies.